Location:Oslo, Norway
Venue:Rockefeller, John Dee
Date:April 9th - April 12th 2020
Age Limit:18 years
Capacity:1500 a day
Doors Open:16:00
Official Hotel:Clarion Hotel® The Hub
2020 Tickets
Click on the links below to order tickets. The festival got a 18 year age limit. Tickets are non-refundable.
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FridayApril 10800buybuy

SaturdayApril 11800buybuy

SundayApr 12800buybuy

IMCApr 9-10666buy
Vreid - Nobel Peace SenterApr 7150buy
Beer Tasting Session FridayApr 10200buy
Beer Tasting Session SaturdayApr 21200buy

PS: Ticket fees are included.

Tickets have to be exchanged into wristbands before accessing concert venues. Locations where you can do this will be announced closer to the festival date.
Magazine 2020




To apply for accreditation go to:  https://accreditation.infernofestival.no/.

Press releases for 2020:

2019-12-18 Music That Changed the World - Vreid Norwegian English
2019-10-09 Triumph of Death, Amorphis, Asphyx, Oranssi Pazuzu, The Great Old Ones Norwegian English
2019-10-13 Okkultokrati, Nachash, Kosmos Brenner, Sovereign   English
2019-10-09 Dark Fotress, Tulus, Golden Core Norwegian English
2019-10-02 Gorgoroth Norwegian English
2019-09-25 Russian Circles, Torche, Xenoblight Norwegian English
2019-09-18 Kreator Norwegian English
2019-09-11 Benighted, Dyscarnate, Asagraum Norwegian English
2019-09-04 Venom Norwegian English
2019-08-28 Vreid, Whoredom Rife and 1914 Norwegian English
2019-07-31 Marduk   English
2019-07-24 Uada, Hamferð and Solbrud   English
2019-07-17 Ihsahn Norwegian English
2019-07-10 Bölzer, Djerv Norwegian English
2019-07-01 Mayhem Norwegian English
2019-05-24 First Band Announcement N/A English

Press releases for 2019:

2018-12-20 Wongraven Wine Tasting N/A English
2018-12-05 Indie Recordings Label Night N/A English
2018-11-28 Aura Noir Replaces Batushka Norwegian English
2018-10-17 MGŁA, Witchcraft, Ragnarok, Au-Dessus and Altar Norwegian English
2018-10-12 Valkyrja replaced by Mork Norwegian English
2018-10-10 Psykopath, Sepulcher, Necromantheon and Purple Hill Witch   English
2018-10-03 Hypocrisy Norwegian English
2018-09-26 Bloodbath, Cor Scorpii, Superlynx Norwegian English
2018-09-19 Impaled Nazarene, Dvne Norwegian English
2018-09-05 Opeth Norwegian English
2018-08-28 The Black Dahlia Murder, Inculter, Caronte Norwegian English
2018-08-17 Dimmu Borgir Norwegian English
2018-08-08 Urfaust, Svarttjern, Shakma Norwegian English
2018-08-01 Cult of Fire, Skogen Norwegian English
2018-06-28 Carach Angren, Misthyrming Norwegian English
2018-06-13 1349, Tribulation, Valkyrja Norwegian English
2018-05-04 Taake, Vomitory, Gaahls Wyrd, Batushka, Archgoat, The Ruins of Beverast, Der Weg einer Freiheit, Avast Norwegian English


Press releases for 2018:

2018-01-17 Shining Norwegian English
2017-10-04 Satyricon Norwegian English
2017-09-29 Electric Wizard, Schammasch Norwegian English
2017-09-20 Naglfar, Sinistro Norwegian  English
2017-09-13 Grave, Naðra and Dodecahedron Norwegian  English
2017-09-06 Katatonia and Ulsect Norwegian  English
2017-08-23 Tsjuder and Odium Norwegian  English
2017-08-16 Ihsahn, Djevel, Wiegedood Norwegian  English
2017-08-09 Obituary, One Tail, One Head, Audn Norwegian  English
2017-07-08 Emperor Norwegian  English
2017-06-28 Origin, Mephorash, Erimha Norwegian  English
2017-06-18 Necrophobic, Batushka, Uada Norwegian  English
2017-05-29 Fleshgod Apocalypse, Nordjevel, Earth Electric Norwegian  English
2017-05-08 Carpathian Forest, Dark Funeral, Napalm Death, Memoriam, Vanhelgd Norwegian  English

Press releases for 2017:

2017-02-27 Destruction, Belphegor and Vesen Norwegian  English
2017-01-30 Gorgoroth Anniversary Gig Norwegian  English
2017-01-03 Samael to Inferno Norwegian  English
2017-01-03 Changes to Dark Essence Stage Norwegian  English
2016-12-15 Anaal Nathrakh, Crowbar, Panzerfaust Norwegian  English
2016-11-25 Possessed, Venom Inc and Azarath Norwegian  English
2016-11-17 Terratur Possessions - Deus Mortem, Whoredom Rife, Slidhr, Darvaza Norwegian  English
2016-11-09 Dark Essence Night - Madder Morten, Hail Spirit Noir and Sulphur Norwegian  English
2016-11-04 Icelandic Night - Svartidaudi, Kontinuum, Zhrine and Audn Norwegian  English
2016-10-12 Primordial, Insidious Disease and Slagmaur Norwegian  English
2016-10-07 Furze, Tangorodrim, Whip and Nachash Norwegian  English
2016-09-28 Borknagar, Helheim and Pillorian Norwegian  English
2016-09-14 Carcass Norwegian  English
2016-09-07 Abbath, Red Harvest, Infernal War and Zhrine Norwegian  English


Press releases for 2016:

2016-02-13 Full Schedule, Moonsorrow, Dissecdead and The Crawling Norwegian  English
2016-02-02 Pokalen Norwegian  English
2016-01-20 Cattle Decapitation Norwegian  English
2016-01-13 Indie Recordings Norwegian  English
2015-12-23 Suffocation Norwegian  English
2015-12-22 Månegarm Norwegian  English
2015-12-21 Mysticum Norwegian  English
2015-11-25 Scarred Norwegian  English
2015-11-18 Sodom Norwegian  English
2015-11-11 Blood Red Throne Norwegian  English
2015-11-04 Dark Essence Label Night Norwegian  English
2015-10-28 Abyssion Norwegian  English
2015-10-21 Nile at Inferno 2016 Norwegian  English
2015-10-14 Order Added to Our 2016 Lineup Norwegian  English
2015-10-07 Mork Norwegian  English
2015-09-30 Gorguts and Psycroptic Norwegian  English
2015-09-16 Vader Norwegian  English
2015-08-26 Nifeheim Norwegian  English
2015-08-12 Craft to Inferno 2016 Norwegian  English
2015-07-29 Our First 5 Artists: Mayhem, Exodus, Marduk, ICS Vortex and Thaw Norwegian  English

Press releases for 2015:

2015-03-26 Live PPV Stream of Inferno 2015 Norwegian  English
2015-01-21 Indie Recordigns Label Night Norwegian English
2015-01-16 Vulture Industries and Virus Norwegian English
2015-01-13 Kick-Off Norwegian English
2015-01-06 Inner Sanctum Norwegian English
2014-12-10 Dark Essence Norwegian English
2014-11-26 Kampfar Norwegian English
2014-11-19 Goatwhore Norwegian English
2014-11-12 Arcturus, Naglfar and Solbrud Norwegian English
2014-11-05 Execration Norwegian English
2014-10-29 Secrets of the Moon Norwegian English
2014-10-22 Pokalen/Terratur Possessions Norwegian English
2014-10-21 Offical Festival Hotel Norwegian English
2014-10-14 Ensiferum Norwegian English
2014-10-08 Svartidaudi Norwegian English
2014-10-01 Skeletonwitch Norwegian English
2014-09-24 Dødsengel Norwegian English
2014-09-17 Slagmaur Norwegian English
2014-09-10 1349 Norwegian English
2014-09-03 Mortuary Drape Norwegian English
2014-08-27 Bloodbath Norwegian English
2014-08-18 Behemoth, Enslaved, My Dying Bride, SepticFlesh, Antichrist Norwegian English

Press releases for 2014:

2014-03-09 Club Day Schedule Norwegian English
2014-03-08 Suite Competition Norwegian English
2014-02-26 Woland Replaces Vredehammer Norwegian English
2014-02-10 Inferno India Norwegian English
2014-02-02 Full Lineup Revealed Norwegian English
2014-01-15 Kruger Norwegian English
2014-01-08 Kryptos Norwegian English
2013-12-29 Alfahanne Norwegian English
2013-12-18 Watain Norwegian English
2013-12-11 Syn:Drom Norwegian English
2013-12-04 Kampfar Norwegian English
2013-11-27 Hatebreed Norwegian English
2013-11-20 Mystifier Norwegian English
2013-11-13 Glittertind Norwegian English
2013-11-06 A Storm of Light Norwegian English
2013-10-30 Kick Off Norwegian English
2013-10-23 Rotting Christ Norwegian English
2013-10-16 Necros Christos Norwegian English
2013-10-09 Tristania Norwegian English
2013-10-02 Fleshgod Apocalypse Norwegian English
2013-09-25 Oranssi Pazuzu Norwegian English
2013-09-18 Inferno Club Day 2014 Norwegian English
2013-08-22 Dimmu, Tulus, Sigh, Impiety and Black Witchery Norwegian English

Press releases for 2013:

2013-03-21 Witchcraft Replaces Ghost Norwegian English
2013-02-16 Suite Competition Norwegian English
2013-02-13 Suffocation Norwegian English
2013-02-07 Devil Norwegian English
2013-02-02 2013 Lineup Norwegian English
2013-01-19 Deicide Norwegian English
2013-01-09 Dark Essence Club Night Norwegian English
2013-01-03 Kick Off Norwegian English
2012-12-13 Moonspell Norwegian English
2012-12-05 Carach Angren Norwegian English
2012-11-21 Hades Almighty Norwegian English
2012-11-15 Dark Funeral Norwegian English
2012-11-09 Behexen Norwegian English
2012-10-29 Satyricon and Taake Norwegian English

Press releases for 2012:

2012-03-05 1349 Replaces Aborted at Inferno 2012 Norwegian English
2012-01-28 Inferno 2012 - Full Lineup Released Norwegian English
2011-12-15 Kick Off 2012: Vesen, Trollfest, Bulk and Dead Trooper Norwegian English
2011-12-13 INFERNO Metal Festival presents: EARTH, MOUNT EERIE and Ô PAON at Victoria Norwegian English
2011-12-01 Triptykon and One Tail, One Head at Inferno 2012 Norwegian English
2011-11-10 Solstafir and Vesen Added to the 2012 Lineup Norwegian English
2011-10-19 Einherjer and Church of Misery Ready for Inferno 2012 Norwegian English
2011-09-22 Absu and Tsjuder at the Inferno Festival 2012 Norwegian English
2011-09-02 Agalloch and Anaal Nathrakh at the Inferno Festival 2012 Norwegian English
2011-09-01 Quick Facts for the Inferno Festival 2012 Norwegian English


Press releases for 2011:

2010-08-02 Immortal and Aura Noir at Inferno 2011 Norwegian English
2010-08-19 Clarion Hotel Royal Christiania welcomes the INFERNO family back Norwegian English
2010-09-13 PENTAGRAM and SOILENT GREEN at INFERNO 2011 Norwegian English
2010-10-06 Malevolent Creation and Alcest Norwegian English
2010-10-28 Atheist and Okkultokrati at Inferno 2011 Norwegian English
2010-12-09 Dødheimsgard and Exhumed at Inferno 2011 Norwegian English
2011-01-11 Inferno Kick-Off January 22nd Norwegian
2011-04-02 The Inferno Lineup 2011 Norwegian English
2011-02-17 IMMORTAL will play an extra long and Exclusive concert at INFERNO 2011! Norwegian English


Press releases for 2010:

2009-09-01 First announcement Norwegian English
2009-09-08 New Hotel Deal Norwegian English
2009-10-01 The Kovenant Performing Nexus Polaris Norwegian English
2009-11-02 Nachtmystium Joins the Lineup for 2010 Norwegian English
2009-11-09 Inferno Join Forces with South of Heaven Norwegian English
2009-11-16 Jarboe to Perform at Inferno 2010 Norwegian English
2009-11-30 Benediction Added to the Lineup Norwegian English
2009-12-15 Exumer at Inferno 2010 Norwegian English
2009-12-21 Marduk, Belphegor and Ragnarok Norwegian English