Location:Oslo, Norway
Venue:Rockefeller, John Dee
Date:April 1st - April 4th 2021
Age Limit:18 years
Capacity:1500 a day
Doors Open:16:00
Official Hotel:Clarion Hotel® The Hub
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Magazine 2020
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Mayhem Confirmed for 2021
By lfh on Friday, March 20, 2020, 5:54 AM

MayhemA few days ago we could confirm that 85 percent of this year's artists have agreed to move their concerts to Inferno Metal Festival 2021. We can now also confirm that MAYHEM has agreed to perform at Inferno 2021. We are very happy about this and we are looking forward to a great festival in 2021.

All tickets bought for Inferno 2020 are valid for 2021. More tickets are also available for sale now!


Band Confirmations Inferno 2021
By lfh on Wednesday, March 18, 2020, 12:45 PM

Inferno Metal Festival 2020 sadly had to be cancelled this year due to the spread of the Corona virus. The good news is that 85 percent of this year's artists have agreed to move their concerts to Inferno Metal Festival 2021. We are very happy about this and we are already making sure that Inferno Metal Festival 2021 will be even stronger and better than ever before. The dates for Inferno Metal Festival 2021 are 1st – 4th of April.

Unfortunately Golden Core, Okkultokrati, Russian Circles and Torche are not able to play next year due to other tour plans etc. Mayhem and Amorphis still need more time to sort out other tour bookings, festivals and other plans before they know if they are available for Inferno 2021. Please be patient with them and with us. We will keep you posted.

All tickets bought for Inferno 2020 will be valid for 2021. More tickets are also available for sale now!



Update on Your Hotel Bookings
By lfh on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 4:58 PM

We've got good news about your hotel bookings at Clarion Hotel The Hub.

You may now change your hotel booking from 2020 to 2021.

There will be a small fee on changing your booking.

Contact the hotel by phone (+47) 22 33 42 00 or by email booking@choice.no to change your booking.

The Inferno code to use for new 2021 bookings will be available in early April.

First Confirmations for 2021 Coming Wednesday
By lfh on Sunday, March 15, 2020, 6:16 AM

We will announce the first confirmations of bands for our 2021 edition this Wednesday March 18th. Watch this space or social media for the announcement.

Inferno 2020 Cancelled Due to Corona Restrictions
By lfh on Thursday, March 12, 2020, 2:04 PM

We are sorry to inform you that Inferno 2020 is cancelled. All public events in Norway are banned until the end of April, and this period might be extended. The health authorities estimate 4-5 months. So, there are no chance that we can make Inferno happen this year.

We would like to thank you all for your support and feedback in this difficult time. We'd also like to thank all our partners, crew and volunteers for all their work and dedication for Inferno 2020.

So, what about next year?

Inferno 2021 will happen. The dates are 1st – 4th of April. So, mark it in your calendars.

We have been in contact with the bands and offered to move their concerts to next year. So far everyone is positive, but of course they will need some time to verify if they are able to. Some of them have already confirmed. We will get back to you with the first confirmations next week.

More good news!

All tickets bought for Inferno 2020 will be valid for 2021.

We will be back! See you all next Easter in Oslo.

Our Second Competition Winner
By lfh on Friday, February 28, 2020, 10:17 AM

We're delighted to announce that our second competition winner for 2020 is Gnida from Poland. They will play on Saturday April 11th.

GnidaThe birth of the band officially dates back to November 2010. While touring around Eastern Europe, Lucass (drums) and Sirius (voc) decided to start a fun-based band together: its mission was ‘to destroy with sound’, its genre – grindcore, its name – GNIDA. The work on the first studio record have begun shortly after and as a consequence of the fruitful collaboration, the first child, entitled “S.Y.F.” was born…

Released in 2012, 15-minute-long, super-intense record made the band go live a year later, resulting with GNIDA playing at Wacken Open Air 2013… as their 5th show! 

In 2015 Gnida released their 2nd album A.I.D.S. and in 2020 they are due to release their 3rd album R.A.K.


And Our First Competition Winner is...
By lfh on Wednesday, February 26, 2020, 10:42 AM

We are happy to announce Eridu from Germany as our first competition winner for 2020. They will play Sunday April 12th at our John Dee stage.

EriduWith the album Lugalbanda, the band Eridu revives the legacy of the long-lost Mesopotamian civilization. Named after the oldest city in Mesopotamia, the formation from Munich is opening a new chapter of Oriental Extreme Metal and evolves in the same atmosphere as the band Gilgamesh, active since 2011. Following the huge success of The Awakening, Gilgamesh's first album, the mastermind Enki (vocals, lyrics, composition) continues in the same musical and thematic influences by creating Eridu in 2017. In a world where society is submitted to vengeful gods, Lugalbanda tells the epic tales of the eponymous king of gods, Gilgamesh's father, and intertwined ancient stories with death and black metal. The 10 songs carry the listener through legendary battlefields, obscure ceremonies, and mystic rituals. Christoph Brandes from Iguana studios took care of the mixing and mastering of Lugalbanda. He is also the experienced ear behind FinsterForst, Imperium Dekadenz as well as Necrophagist's legendary Epitaph album. Driven by fast tempos and blastbeast-oriented drums, Eridu builds a bridge between a pounding Death metal and a melodic Black metal - where gloomy riffs meet an epic wall of sound. Designed with oriental narrative structures, Eridu stands for a sophisticated and diverse extreme metal that blends the boundaries between genres. Fans of Nile, Melechesch, Behemoth, and Keep of Kalessin will get what they're looking for.


Running Low on 4 Day Passes
By lfh on Friday, January 24, 2020, 4:35 AM

We're currently running low on 4 day festival passes. Make sure you secure yours before they sell out.

Tickets are available at https://tickets.infernofestival.net/

Inferno Pre-Party in Madrid
By lfh on Thursday, January 9, 2020, 6:30 AM

Welcome to Inferno 2020 pre-party on Saturday, 11th of January in Madrid at Mission Metal Pub (located at Calle de Palma 31).

Several of the people behind Inferno Metal Festival will attend the party. There will be raffles, DJs and a hell of a lot of fun. Expect music from the bands that will perform at Inferno 2020 and in general music that kicks ass! Don't miss out on this special event!

Songs that Changed the World Featuring Vreid
By lfh on Wednesday, December 18, 2019, 11:27 AM

Music can change the world! Some songs have done more than just entertain – they have changed the world. Together with Nobel Peace Center we invite you to their ongoing series about songs that have changed the world. So far artists like Bendik, Myra, Amanda Delara og Honningbarna have contributed with their interpretation of important songs that have changed the world. Now the Nobel Peace Center goes metal when Vreid will find a song about freedom of expression and do their interpretation of it. Asbjørn Slettemark, famous Norwegian music journalist and TV personality, will moderate the following debate about the chosen song. The gig will also include several of Vreid's own songs.

NOK 150,- (Including ticket fee)

VreidThe Norwegian metal brigade rose from the ashes of black metal band Windir, after the tragic perishing of the “Sognametal” legends with the declared mission of exploring new musical paths. The band has now released eight great albums and is known for their amazing live shows. Vreid's newest masterpiece is “Lifehunger” which was released in 2018.

Toril Rokseth from Nobel Peace Center:
Nobel Peace Center wants to contribute to visitors of Oslo that attends cultural events also can experience some of the other things that the city has to offer. Through the cooperation with Inferno Metal Festival we offer a new arena for this kind of music – and at the same time we express that music can be more than just entertainment – music can change the world.

Asbjørn Slettemark:
All the way since the very beginning of “Songs That Changed the World”, the project has offered surprises, fun, new knowledge and some amazing, strong and catchy cover songs. To do this together with Inferno Metal Festival, a festival I have been thrilled about for many years, feels just right. That it will also include Vreid, a band I have been following as a fan and a journalist through the last 15 years, makes it especially fun and interesting. I am very excited for the song they will choose, perform and talk about

Jarle Hváll Kvåle from Vreid:
In Vreid we have always been up for new challenges. It was therefore with huge excitement we took on this task when Inferno Metal Festival and Nobel Peace Center challenged us to do our interpretation of a song that changed the world. Freedom of speech has been relevant since the very beginning of rock, and is just as relevant and important today. A lot has changed since rock 'n' roll was new and rebellious in the 60s, but still today the freedom of speech are controversial and debated, so maybe the world has been at a stand still over the last 60 years. We are thankful for the engagement. Vreid looks forward to dig deep into the rock history of many fantastic songs, and will be ready to perform our song at the Nobel Peace Center in April.

Schedule Change
By lfh on Thursday, December 12, 2019, 4:21 PM

Due to a tour scheduling conflict we've switched the days UADA and Solbrud plays with Cadaver and Asagraum. This means that UADA and Solbrud now plays Thursday and Cadaver and Asagraum plays Friday. See our schedule for detailed information.

Interested in Volunteering at Inferno 2020?
By lfh on Thursday, December 5, 2019, 4:07 AM

If you are interested in volunteering at Inferno Metal Festival 2020 our volunteer registration is now open at https://volunteer.infernofestival.no/

Accreditation for 2020 Open
By lfh on Monday, November 18, 2019, 3:08 PM

The accreditation for 2020 is now open. If you are seeking accreditaiton go to https://accreditation.infernofestival.no/ to apply.

Interested in Playing at One of the Opening Slots at Our Small Stage?
By lfh on Thursday, November 14, 2019, 4:17 PM

Are you interested in playing at one of our opening slots at our smaller stage, John Dee at Inferno 2020? If so you can apply by going to https://bandapplication.infernofestival.no/ and enter your band and contact details.

More information and terms can be found on the band application website.

The deadline for applying is December 15th.

Triumph of Death, Amorphis, Asphyx, Oranssi Pazuzu and The Great Old Ones Added to the 2020 Lineup
By lfh on Tuesday, October 15, 2019, 4:40 PM

It is time to reveal the last five bands for Inferno Metal Festival 2020. We are very happy to announce TRIUMPH OF DEATH, AMORPHIS, ASPHYX, ORANSSI PAZUZU and THE GREAT OLD ONES!






Triumph of DeathTom G. Warrior, from Celtic Frost and Triptykon, started back in 1982 a band called Hellhammer. The band existed for a mere two years, from May 1982 to May 1984. During this time, the band released three demos, one 12-inch EP, and two songs on the legendary "Death Metal" compilation album. The band disbanded when Hellhammer members Tom Gabriel Warrior and Martin Eric Ain went on to form Celtic Frost. Warrior has made it clear; Hellhammer will never return and will never be reformed. Still the music exists, and it is an extremely important part of Tom G. Warrior's life and extreme metal in general – widely credited as pioneers of extreme metal. Even if Hellhammer is a band of the past, Warrior had an urge to perform the classics on stage. This is when Triumph of Death became an reality. Triumph of Death is a band solely dedicated to perform the legendary music from Hellhammer. We can't wait to bring this band out on stage at Inferno Metal Festival 2020!

AmorphisAmorphis started all the way back in 1990 – making them one of the pioneer within the Finnish death metal genre. Amorphis' music has turned more melodic over the years – spanning over a wide set of genres – including doom death, progressive metal, folk metal and power metal. The band has many classics under the belt, like “Black Winter Day”, “My Kantele”, “Silver Bride”, “Death of a King” and their biggest hit “House of Sleep”. Their latest album “Queen of Time” is pure ear candy and includes their latest hit “The Bee”. The line-up today includes all original members from 1990. We can't wait to have this great band at Inferno Metal Festival for the very first time.

AsphyxAsphyx is a Dutch death metal band that was formed in 1987. Their classic style of death doom metal is very dark, obscure, morbid and brutal. The band release some legendary albums in the early 90s, like “The Rack” in 1991, “Last One on Earth” in 1992 and “Asphyx” in 1994. The band split up in 1996, but the members continued as Soulburn. After several years the band was back together and have by now recorded nine studio albums. The last one is “Incoming Death” from 2016 and it shows a band that still know how to make music brutal with no compromises. This will be the legendary death metal band ASPHYX' first appearance at Inferno Metal Festival!

Oranssi PazuzuOranssi Pazuzu was formed in Finland in 2007. Two years later their debut album “Muukalainen Puhuu” was released to great acclaim. By now the band has released four studio albums and one live album. The live album, “Live at Roadburn 2017” was released October 2019 and shows a band with a lot of diversity and strength. Oranssi Pazuzu went full psychomania at Inferno Metal Festival 2014 and we are happy to have them back in 2020.

The Great Old OnesThe Great Old Ones are a French post-black metal band that was formed in 2009. The Great Old Ones is deities in the H. P. Lovecraft fantasy universe. The band has by now released four albums. Their new record is called “Cosmicism” and will be released on the 22nd of October. This will be The Great Old Ones first gig on Norwegian soil.

Kniven Stage at Inferno 2020
By lfh on Sunday, October 13, 2019, 12:40 PM

We will also use the smaller stage down in the basement at Kniven Bar on Saturday and Sunday for some matinée concerts, together with DJs and happenings in the bar. The bands playing are OKKULTOKRATI, SOVEREIGN, NACHASH and KOSMOS BRENNER.

OkkultokratiThe Oslo band Okkultokrati thrust the heretic rock and roll that they have cultivated since their 2008 inception into more extraordinary situations. Classic 70s riffing, snotty punk, and brash old school metal are inventively mixed with pulses and spikes of dark wave and ice cold, psychedelic repetition. The band won the award for “best metal album” in 2016 at the “Norwegian Grammy” called Spellemannsprisen. Now they are ready to destroy at the early hours at Kniven Stage!

NachashOslo band Nachash was formed in 2011 and brings their deathly black metal darkness to the stage at Kniven – inspired by Master's Hammer, old Samael, Bathory and old Rotting Christ. Debut album "Phantasmal Triunity" was released by US-label Shadow Kingdom Records in 2018 and the band is currently working on album number two.

BrennerKosmos Brenner is a trio from Oslo that started in 2011/2012. The band has taken it upon themselves to dive further into the inner workings of massive riffs and dark noisy psychedelia. With the debut EP, “Cosmic Pyre”, their aim was to take the listener on a journey through the existential and all encompassing dread and despair which is the universe. During the past years Kosmos Brenner has been a fire in the Oslo underground, supporting acts like Acid King, Okkultokrati and Saturnalia Temple.

SovereignThe Oslo death thrash outfit Sovereign is a pretty new band that started in 2018 and has only released two demo tapes so far. The band is inspired by late 80s and early 90s death and thrash metal. Check them out. This is a newcomer that are hungry and ready to conquer the world!

Dark Fortress, Tulus and Golden Core Joins the 2020 Lineup
By lfh on Wednesday, October 9, 2019, 11:37 AM

German melodic black metallers DARK FORTRESS, Norwegian early black metal band TULUS and Norwegian stoner doom metal duo GOLDEN CORE are all confirmed for Inferno Metal Festival 2020.

Dark FortressGerman black metal outfit Dark Fortress was formed in 1994 and has since then established themselves in the top ranks of the genre with intense live shows and many critically acclaimed albums. Dark Fortress has never taken the challenge of making a new album lightly, and their releases are always high in quality, relevance and authenticity. Expect epic song structures, mighty sonic cathedrals, virulent and sinister magic and lots of unexpected twists and turns as the bands drags you screaming and headbanging through the abysmal roller coaster of their universe. This will be Dark Fortress' first time in Norway.



TulusTulus is a Norwegian black metal band that was formed in 1991. The band released three classic albums before they disbanded in 2000 and members of Tulus later went on to form the band Khold. In 2006 Tulus returned and the following year they released “Biography Obscene”. This lead to an exclusive gig at Inferno in 2008, performing for the second time in the bands history (Their first gig was at Mars in 1999). In 2012 the band released “Olm og bitter” and in 2014 the band offered another exclusive gig at Inferno Festival. Tulus is now working on new songs and the new album will be out in March/April 2020 on Soulseller Records. So it is about time for yet another of them very rare Tulus gigs at Inferno Metal Festival!

Golden CoreGolden Core is a Norwegian stoner doom metal duo. The band was formed in 2014 when the members was only nine and eleven years old. Their debut album, “Norwegian Stoner Machine”, saw the light of day in 2016. Golden Core has been doing many gig since then and are a favorite for fans of stoner and doom metal as one of the most promising young bands in recent times. The band will release their new album “Fimbultýr” on the 1st of November at Fysisk Format Records. This will be Golden Core first gig at Inferno Metal Festival.

Gorgoroth to Inferno 2020
By lfh on Wednesday, October 2, 2019, 11:44 AM

Norwegian infamous black metal band GORGOROTH is confirmed for Inferno Metal Festival 2020. The band has not performed live in Norway since 2017 and we are proud to have them return to Oslo at Inferno 2020!

GorgorothGorgoroth is one of the most notorious bands from Norway still working in the true spirit of Norwegian black metal. The band was formed by the only remaining original member Infernus in 1992 and is one of the early Norwegian black metal bands. Gorgoroth has released albums on labels such as Nuclear Blast, Century Media, Season of Mist, Malicious Records, Regain Records and Soulseller Records. Classics albums like “Pentagram”, “Antichrist” and “Under the Sign of Hell” are regarded as milestones and the band has sparked a lot of controversy over the years with extravagant live shows. Gorgoroth had a special blasphemous show at Inferno Metal Festival 2017 when they celebrated their 25 years anniversary. The band will now return and unleash their evil at Inferno Metal Festival 2020!

Russian Circles, Torche and Xenoblight Added to the 2020 Lineup
By lfh on Wednesday, September 25, 2019, 11:50 AM

We can confirm American instrumental band RUSSIAN CIRCLES, American sludge band TORCHE and Danish thrash death metal outfit XENOBLIGHT to Inferno Metal Festival 2020.

Russian CirclesThe American instrumental band Russian Circles was formed in late 2004 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. The band has gained widespread recognition based on a series of critically acclaimed albums and extensive international touring. Russian Circles has just released their seventh studio album, “Blood Year”, recorded at GodCity Studio in Salem and Steve Albini's Electrical Audio Studio in Chicago and produced by Kurt Ballou. This will be their first time at Inferno Metal Festival.

TorcheTorche is an American stoner sludge rock band from Miami, Florida. The band categorizes their music as "thunder pop". Torche was formed in 2004 and has released five full-length studio albums. Their highly anticipated new album, “Admission”, was released earlier this summer. A solid piece of work with plenty of surprises. This will be the first time Torche perform at Inferno Metal Festival!

XenoblightXenoblight is a Danish extreme metal band from Silkeborg that was formed in 2017. Their debut album "Procreation" was released February 8th, 2018. Both their album and live shows has received great feedback from both press and fans. The band did an amazing gig at Southern Discomfort Festival recently and now it is time to destroy at Inferno Metal Festival!

Kreator to Headline at Inferno 2020
By lfh on Wednesday, September 18, 2019, 11:42 AM

Germany's legendary thrash metal titans KREATOR are confirmed for Inferno Metal Festival 2020! We are proud to have one of the godfathers of German thrash metal playing at Inferno Metal Festival for the very first time at our 20 year anniversary.

KreatorKreator has a story that go all the way back to 1982 when the band was called Tormentor. This early stage laid the foundation for an exceptional career that would see Kreator rise to become part of what’s to be considered the German equivalent of the Big Four (Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth) of American thrash metal – the Big Three of German thrash, alongside Sodom and Destruction. Though rooted in thrash metal, Kreator has never been afraid to push the genre‘s boundaries both musically and lyrically. This vitality has made Kreator one of the best thrash metal bands over several decades. From legendary classics like “Endless Pain” and “Pleasure to Kill” to newer albums like “Phantom Antichrist” and “Gods of Violence” – Kreator will sure as hell tear down the roof at Rockefeller when they come to Inferno Metal Festival for the first time.

Benighted, Dyscarnate and Asagraum to Inferno 2020
By lfh on Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 11:37 AM

Brutal death metal band BENIGHTED from France, UK three piece death metal act DYSCARNATE and Netherlands black metal band ASAGRAUM, are all confirmed for Inferno Metal Festival 2020!

BenightedBenighted were spawned by members from French Death and Black metal bands Dishumanized, Darkness Fire and Osgiliath, who joined forces in 1998 for a more brutal, heavy and modern way of expression. When their first self-produced and self-titled full-length hit the streets in 2000, it immediately had a strong impact. This turned a side-project into a main act. A fast-growing fan base was built by a string of acclaimed albums. On the live front, Benighted quickly started to capture audiences with sweat driver performances that bulldozer any resistance mercilessly aside. This allowed the French to climb up the ladder fast and soon came invitations to all major European festivals including Neurotic Death Fest, Hellfest, Wacken, Brutal Assault, Summer Breeze, and Inferno Festival among many more. It's been more than 10 years since the band perform at Inferno by now – so we welcome them back at Inferno 2020!

DyscarnateDyscarnate is a three piece death metal band from the UK that started in 2003 under the name Incarnate. After the the stellar release of their latest album, "With All Their Might" in 2017, the band has toured across Australia, Europe, Indonesia, Israel, Russia and more. This will be Dyscarnate first performance at Inferno Metal Festival. Expect strength. Expect violence. Expect Dyscarnate!

AsagraumAsagraum is a cross-continental entity, that was founded in the autumn of 2015 by vocalist/guitarist Obscura who was joined by drummer T. Kolsvart, to create pure Satanic black metal with the old-school feeling of the eternal 90's greats and with dark psychedelic influences. A three-track promo recording was released in early 2017, laying bare Asagraum's aims and sound. Wasting no time, debut album “Potestas Magicum Diaboli” was recorded, mixed at the Swedish Necromorbus Studio and released by KVLT records in September 2017. Asagraum has a brand new album out on September 13th that is called “Dawn of Infinite Fire”. This will be their first appearance at Inferno Metal Festival.

Venom to Headline at Inferno 2020
By lfh on Wednesday, September 4, 2019, 11:41 AM

We are proud to announce that the godfathers of black metal will perform at Inferno Metal Festival 2020! With songs like “Black Metal”, “Welcome to Hell”, “In League With Satan”, “Witching Hour” and “In Nomine Satanas” this will truly be legendary! We welcome: VENOM!

VenomVenom's history goes as far back as to 1978 when the band was formed under the moniker Dwarfstar in Newcastle. The band is considered a major influence on thrash metal and extreme metal in general. In 1982 they released their eponymous album “Black Metal” and at the same time laid the seeds for a new genre that would become big, especially in Norway. You most likely wouldn't have bands like Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth either, if it was not for the groundbreaking music made by Venom in the early 80s. Venom is still going strong and we can't wait to have them with us at Inferno Metal Festival 2020! Lay down your souls to the gods rock 'n roll – black metal!

Vreid, Whoredom Rife and 1914 Joins Our 2020 Lineup
By lfh on Wednesday, August 28, 2019, 11:49 AM

We are proud to announce that the mighty Norwegian sognametal band VREID will return to Inferno Metal Festival in 2020! Also returning to the festival is Nidrosian black metal outfit WHOREDOM RIFE and for the very first time Ukraine's best hidden secret, 1914, will hit Norway with their epic war themed blackened death metal!

VreidThe Norwegian metal brigade rose from the ashes of Windir after the tragic perishing of the “Sognametal” legends with the declared mission of exploring new musical paths. The band has now released eight great albums and is known for their amazing live shows. Vreid's newest masterpiece is “Lifehunger” which was released in 2018. The album proved that the band is still hungry and better then ever. It has been ten years since Vreid performed at Inferno Metal Festival – so we are happy to have Vreid back at Inferno Metal Festival in 2020! They promise us a massive show – so don't miss out when Vreid return to Inferno!

Whoredom RifeWhoredom Rife was forged in silence during 2013 and 2014 in the outskirts of Nidaros, Norway. The band was founded by V. Einride and K.R in 2014, based on new ideas and ideas dating back as far as the early nineties. The concept behind the band is to breathe new life into the art form and lifestyle that we know as True Norwegian Black Metal. Since 2017 the band has released the critical acclaimed “Nid - Hymner av hat” and will now tour together with Behemoth. Whoredom Rife performed at our club night at Inferno Metal Festival in 2017 and the demand for a return to the festival has been high!

1914Ukrainian blackened death doom metal band 1914 took the metal community by storm when they released “The Blind Leading the Blind” last year. The album was epic and hit many a best of-list in 2018. As their name suggest, 1914, is exclusively themed around World War I. 1914 has never played before in any of the Nordic countries and we are excited to bring the band to Norway for the very first time!


Marduk to Inferno 2020
By lfh on Monday, July 29, 2019, 6:51 PM

We are proud to announce that the mighty Swedish black metal band Marduk will return to Inferno Metal Festival in 2020!

MardukMarduk has been known as the most blasphemous band in the world! The band has lived up to their reputation and still today they sounds like a war machine crushing every religious figure that crosses their path. The band has a huge back catalog consisting of great albums, and they are continuing to release some of the most brutal and heretic black metal albums there is today. Marduk released their latest album “Viktoria” last year to great acclaim. Their gig at Inferno Metal Festival 2016 was a blast and we are happy to have the band back again!

Uada, Hamferð and Solbrud Joins the 2020 Lineup
By lfh on Wednesday, July 24, 2019, 10:31 AM

Today we’re happy to reveal another 3 bands that will perform at Inferno Metal Festival 2020. Uada the black metal band from Portland, Oregon in the USA, Hamferð from the Faeroe Islands with their unique doom metal style as well as the black metal outfit Solbrud from Denmark joins our lineup.

UadaUada is returning from their superb appearance on our smaller stage, John Dee, in 2018 and will take on the main stage in 2020. Hamferð and Solbrud have only played the now extinct club day once each a few years back and will make their debut at our main festival days next year.

From the darkness, UADA (meaning haunted in Latin) emerges breathing the spirit of the original 90’s Black Metal wave. Since 2014, this Portland, Oregon four-piece has used a unique approach to combine raw black metal and spectral melodies.

In spring 2016, their debut album “Devoid of Light” was released via Eisenwald, self-recorded by the band & then mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust). It features the artwork of Kris Verwimp and band photography by Peter Beste. In support of this new album, Uada is confirmed to play the Northwestern Black Circle Festival again, this time with Absu and will mark the kick off date for a west coast tour.

On their sophomore full-length, “Cult of a Dying Sun” released in 2018, Uada expanded their scope and range of hypnotic craft. Balancing sharp riffs with spectral melodies in a manifold of haunting yet distinctive black metal dirges. A sharp spear in the heart of the brightest star. Epic, atmospheric, deadly.

HamferdHamferð is a Faroese term for the living images of sailors appearing before their loved ones. Written recordings of these apparitions are a recurrence within the toilsome and sorrowful depths of Faroese history, and this is where Hamferð, the band, draws its inspiration. Echoing through crawling, thunderous marches of blight and wails of melancholic isolation are the greatly unexplored darker recesses within the soul of the island people. Love, loss and solitude compose the core of the band’s poetic lyricism, and all is presented through funereal figures, taking the stage with mournful silence.

SolbrudFrom the birth of Solbrud (Danish for sun breach) in 2009, the aim has been to forge melodic and evocative compositions in a raw, storm-like expression; a sound generally achieved by coupling unrelenting drumming with chord and harmony based guitar riffs through an array of effects, creating an intense and atmospheric soundscape -or in fewer words: Black metal. The debut ‘Solbrud’ was released in 2012, and in 2014 ‘Jærtegn’ followed. Both albums and the quartet’s emotional and intense live performances have since then consolidated Solbrud as a band with a special, artistic vision unfolding in non-compromising and boundary pushing black metal.

Ihsahn to Premiere New Show at Inferno 2020
By lfh on Wednesday, July 17, 2019, 11:24 AM

We can reveal that Ihsahn is currently in the studio putting the final touches on brand new material to be released via Candlelight Records.  

For Inferno 2020, Ihsahn will be perform this new material live for the first time, premiering a specialized set rooted in the blackest corners of his musical palette:   

"The music I’m working on distills the most basic, black metal aesthetics of my music. Keeping to rather traditional arrangements and expressed with Norwegian lyrics, I explore the core elements of my musical background.  These new songs will form the basis for some conceptualized shows, which I shall debut at Inferno in 2020."

More details coming soon…

IhsahnIhsahn comes from Notodden, Norway, where he at the age of thirteen started playing in what developed into one of the world’s most influential black metal bands, Emperor. At only seventeen he recorded and performed “In the Nightside Eclipse”, which has many times been voted as one of the top metal albums of all time. After Emperor released their last album, “Prometheus - The Discipline of Fire & Demise” in 2001, Ihsahn has focused on is solo work and has by now released seven albums under the name Ihsahn. Now Ihsahn will return to Inferno Metal Festival for a special premiere of his new show. Make sure you don’t miss it.

Bölzer and Djerv to Inferno 2020
By lfh on Wednesday, July 10, 2019, 11:44 AM

We are proud to announce that the Norwegian metal band DJERV and Switzerland's black/death metal duo BÖLZER will perform at Inferno Metal Festival 2020!

BölzerAttention came quickly to Switzerland's Bölzer after their 2012 demo “Roman Acupuncture” and subsequent EP “Aura” in 2013 due to their ability to create fascinating black metal melodies and dissonant structures with only two members in the band. Their debut album “Hero” was released in 2016 and was incredibly well received and as such the duo have been invited to play all over the world. Now it is time to finally play at Inferno Metal Festival!



Djerv was formed in 2010 with members from such bands as Animal Alpha, Stonegard and Trelldom. In 2011 they released their self titled debut album to critical acclaim. Their fresh mixture of catchy hard rock and more aggressive metal hit a nerve with their listeners. After only two days in sale the album crashed into the official Norwegian sales charts at an impressive # 8. After some years with heavy touring the band went into hibernation. Now they are back – stronger than ever! After five years the band has returned and will unleash their madness at Inferno Metal Festival 2020!

Mayhem to Headline at Inferno 2020
By lfh on Monday, July 1, 2019, 11:37 AM

We are proud to announce that the legendary Norwegian black metal band MAYHEM will return to Inferno Metal Festival in 2020!

MayhemThe godfathers of Norwegian black metal, The True Mayhem, will return to Inferno Metal Festival at our 20 years edition of the festival. The band has made a huge impact on Norwegian music and stands out as one of the most important black metal bands ever. They started in 1984 and released their legendary "Deathcrush" EP in 1987. In 1994 their hugely influential masterpiece “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” saw the light of day. The band has continued to release albums and tour ever since, spreading Norwegian black metal to every corner of the world. Mayhem has a new record in the making that will be released 25th of October 2019. No other band is more fitting to celebrate Inferno's 20 years anniversary than Mayhem!


First Bands for Inferno Metal Festival 2020
By lfh on Friday, May 24, 2019, 8:03 AM

Inferno Metal Festival is proud to announce the first bands for Inferno Metal Festival 2020! Next year marks our 20 years anniversary and we are looking forward to celebrate with all of you. The first bands for 2020 are Kampfar, Ved Buens Ende, Cadaver, Myrkskog, Sylvaine and Valkyrja!

Tickets are available at https://tickets.infernofestival.net/

KampfarKampfar needs no introductions for fans of Norwegian black metal. The band was formed in 1994 and has since then released eight full-length albums and several EPs and singles. In 2015 Kampfar won an award at Spellemannsprisen (Norwegian Grammy) for their album “Profan”. Their latest release, “Ofidians manifest”, has received great reviews and are among the best albums of 2019. Check it out and make sure to see Kampfar live at Inferno Metal Festival 2020!

Ved Buens EndeBack in 1995 something completely different was released and it came from the Norwegian underground black metal scene. This unique masterpiece was called “Written in Waters”. It was no ordinary black metal album – far from it – it was music that no one had heard before. Some people would even argue if it was black metal at all – and some would just call it avant-garde black metal. It does not matter what you call it, it was something vast and distinctive that still feels unique even almost 25 years later. Ved Buens Ende was laid to rest soon after and the band has not released anything after “Written in Waters”. Finally the band are back and will play live at Inferno Metal Festival! With members and ex-members from such bands as Aura Noir, Cadaver, Dødheimsgard, Satyricon, Arcturus, Ulver and Virus.

CadaverCadaver was one of the first Norwegian death metal bands. After several demo tapes between 1988 and 1990, the band released their debut album “Hallucinating Anxiety” in 1990. Two years later they followed up with “...in Pains” before the split-up in 1993. In 1999 founding member Anders Odden (Order, exCeltic Frost, Satyricon) brought the band back to life under the name Cadaver Inc. After a few years the band changed their name back to Cadaver before they disbanded again. Cadaver is now back and a new album will be released. Anders Odden has recruited Megadeth drummer Dirk Verbeuren and they are ready to unleashed more Norwegian death metal upon the world.

MyrkskogNorwegian death metal band Myrkskog was formed in 1993. The band released a couple of demo tapes during the 90s. In 2000 their debut album “Deathmachine” was released – a brutal album that felt like being hit in the face with a shovel. Two years later the follow-up called “Superior Massacre” was released. Now Myrkskog is back and ready to release their fury upon Inferno Metal Festival! Since it will be 20 years ago that “Deathmachine” was released the band will perform the album in its entirety. With members and exmembers from bands like Morbid Angel, Emperor, Odium, Nordjevel and Zyklon.

SylvaineNorwegian multi-instrumentalist Sylvaine has released two albums on Season of Mist; “Wistful” from 2016 and “Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone” from 2018. The Latter was nominated in the metal category at Spellemannsprisen (The Norwegian Grammy). The project serves as an emotional catharsis for the artist, revealing the eternal longing for something more residing within its melodies, capturing the feeling of being trapped and restraint by the human form.

ValkyrjaSwedish black metal band Valkyrja was formed in 2004. Valkyrja quickly gained their reputation as a ferocious live act; a display of carnal lust leaving each stage with the foul scent of death. Since then the band has released four albums of furious black metal violence. Valkyrja is touring as support for Marduk at the moment and will be good and ready for Inferno Metal Festival in 2020.

Official Festival Hotel 2020
By lfh on Sunday, May 19, 2019, 7:08 AM

Hotel1The official festival hotel for 2020 will be Clarion Hotel - The Hub like in 2019. The discounted prices are now available using the booking code INFERNO.

The Inferno family; artists and fans, media and music industry will gather at the official festival hotel Clarion Hotel The Hub for four days of happenings, partying and a good night of sleep. During the Inferno week there will be Inferno pre- and after- parties in the bar, black-metal breakfasts, Inferno exhibitions and more.

Go to /no/festival/hotel.aspx for more details or go to https://www.nordicchoicehotels.com/hotell/?search=inferno-no to order.

Out of Early Bird Packages at Ticketmaster
By lfh on Thursday, May 2, 2019, 3:09 PM

We've run out of early bird packages for 2020 at Ticketmaster. There are a few left for sale using PayPal so grab the last chance to get your early bird package for 2000 NOK (which include a 200 NOK merch voucher) before the first regular price level on festival passes kicks in at 2250 NOK (no voucher included).

Tickets are available at https://tickets.infernofestival.net

Thank You
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We would like to thank our volunteers and crew, Rockefeller crew, The Hub crew, partners, sponsors, press, photographers, exhibitors, stands, all the artists as well as everybody else that made this years edition a huge success.

Last but not least, we would like to thank all the metal fans that attended Inferno Metal Festival 2019. We hope you all had a great time.

We welcome you all again at our 20th year anniversary April 9-12th 2020.