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IMC Delegates
Alexandre Rebecq Hellfest
Adam Chapman Zero Tolerance
Anders Wind 3rd Tsunami Agency
Andreas Pettersson Nordvis Produktion
Andy Farrow Northern Music
Audun Mehl Negative Vibe
Austin Lunn Panopticon
Becky Laverty Pioneere Music Press
Birgir Axelsson Eistnaflug Festival
Bjørn Larsen Oslo Beikmørke / Blitz Booking
Bogi Bjarnason Black Ice Press
Brooke Silcox No Thing Productions
Cato Bekkevold Enslaved
Cayza Del Carmen Hard N Heavy Tours
Chioreanu Costin Twilight13Media
Christian Falch Up North Film
Daniel Flygh Odius Icon
David Bennike Davidian Metal Royale
Eddie Guz The Carburetors
Einar Sjursjø Duplicate Records
Erlend Gjerde Indie Recordings
Erman Bora Rattaya Rock In
Erna Björk Baldursdóttir Einstnaflug Festival
Fabiola Santini Rockerilla
Gisli Sigmundsson Reykjavik Deathfest
Gunnar Sauermann Neverland / Season Of Mist
Hanna Larsson Nordvis Produktion
Hannar Sindri Grétarsson Einstnaflug Festival
Helene Deesouliere Hellfest
Henriette Aaberg Rockaway
Hilde Hammer Inferno Music Conference
Håkon Grav Photograve Management
Jacopo de Simone District-19
Jan-Martin Jensen Inferno / Radar Booking
Jens Fredrik Ryland FONO
Jerry Graham Jerry Graham Publicty
JJ Tartaglia Bonsdale Records
Johnatan Seltzer Metal Hammer UK
Jon Julius Sandal Golden Core Managment
Jörg Düsedau Dragon Productions
Karl Óttar Pétursson Eistnaflug Festival
Kenneth Tiller Apocalyptic Empire Records
Kjersti Espe Indie Recordings
Kristoffer Negaard Inferno Music Conference
Lars Frode Hansen Inferno Metal Festival
Lena Moen Southern Discomfort Festival
Luc Favie Doomstar Bookings
Luuk van Gestel Doomstar Bookings
Magný Rós sigurðardóttir Eistnaflug Festival
Mark van Schaick Buma Rocks
Martin Kvam Dark Essence Records
Martin Rygge Mas-Kina Recordings
Maya Markegård Dark Essence Records
Nina Mashintseva Bonsdale Records
Ole Aune Nidrosian Black Mass
Olof Wickström Skrikhult / Metalsvensken Festival
Ottar Slettfjord Skifte Shaving The Werewolf
Pål Dimmen Music Norway
Robert Müller Metal Hammer
Roland „Bogo“ Ritter With Full Force Festival
Roman Alexander Hödl Vienna / Eindhoven Metal Meeting
Runa Strindin Midgardsblot Festival
Stefan Baumgartner Vienna Metal Meeting
Stefano Giorgianni Metal Hammer
Steffen Overaaa MAMMüTH
Sten Ove Toft Blå booking
Sverre Rokseth Fresh Tea Records
Thomas Strater Metal Hammer
Thor-Axel Eriksen Rock The Boat
Tomas Fiala Brutal Assault Festival
Tor Baklund RockArt
Torgrim Øyre Beyond the Gates Festival
Torje Noren Turbine Agency
Torstein Parelius Up North Film
Travis Beard Argus Productions
Unnar Sigurðsson Reykjavik Deathfest
Vegard Tveitan Ihsahn
Walter Hoeijmakers Roadburn Festival
In Cooperation With:
Scandic St. Olavs Plass


Inferno Music Conference has for many years been an important arena for the metal music industry in Scandinavia and the rest of the world. The 2018 conference will be held at the Inferno Festival`s partner hotel Scandic St. Olavs Plass. 

The main goal of the Inferno Music Conference is to expand and share knowledge about the different aspects of the industry. In collaboration with Music Norway, MØST and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs we welcome you to this years conference.

This year the conference sheds light on challenges in the metal music scene today.


Thursday 29.3

12:00 - 13:00: Musical Identity: Branding a Festival
13:15 - 14:00: The Canadian Metal Music Industry
14:15 – 15:00: Metal Music Promotion: Key steps
16:00 – 17:30: Leiligheten @ Rockefeller  - Delegate lounge

Friday 30.3

12:00 – 13:15: Globalization in the live Metal music industry
13:30 – 14:45: Drum Clinic: Cato Bekkevold from Enslaved
15:00 – 16:30: Movie Screening: Rockabul
16:00 – 17:30: Leiligheten @ Rockefeller  - Delegate lounge

Saturday 31.3

13:00 – 14:00: Guitar Clinic: Ihsahn
15:00 – 16:00: Inferno Metal Auction

Musical Identity: Branding a Festival

What is needed to survive in today's festival market is a clear profile that the audience identifies with. Some festivals have created a distinctive identity with the use of selective booking. Other have used the location of the festival and incorporation of native history. How did they get the idea and how do they manage to stay true to the original concept?

Moderator: Gunnar Saurmann

The panel consists of:
Roland "Bogo" Ritter - With Full Force
Karl Óttar Pétursson - Eistnaflug
Walter Hojiemakers - Roadburn
Tomas Fiala - Brutal Assault
Runa Strindin - Midgardsblot

The Canadian Metal Music Industry

JJ Tartaglia from Boonsdale Records / Skull Fist / Wacken Metal Battle Canada will share his wisdom on the Canadian metal industry - festivals, touring, promoters, labels, PR. How to effectively break into the Canadian market without blowing your budget.

Metal Music Promotion: Key steps

Whether you’re a brand new musician establishing yourself, or an already established band with a dedicated fan base, there is one thing that love it or hate it, all musicians will have to do. Marketing your music.

Moderator: Pål Dimmen - Music Norway

The panel consists of:
Jerry Graham - Jerry Graham Publicity
Jonathan Seltzer -  Metal Hammer
Beckyl Laverty - Pioneere Music Press
Andy Farrow - Norhern Music

Globalization in the Live Metal Music Industry

What happens when international booking agencies all of a sudden start to book concerts and festivals in your country, in a territory that more or less used to be booked by the people that lived there? Today we can see a growing trend of promoters and companies setting up concerts and booking bands directly to the local promoters/venues and often even start their own festivals. Is the cost of ignoring the traditional local booking companies and local promoters a good or bad thing in this day and age? What will the ramifications be if the concert marked becomes monopolized and how will this effect smaller booking agents, festival owners and even bands?

Moderator: Pål Dimmen - Music Norway

The Panel consists of:
Roman Alexander Hödl - Vienna / Eindhoven Metal Meeting
JJ Tartaglia – Bonesdale Records
Luuk Van Gestel – Doomstar Bookings
Tomas Fiala – Brutal Assault
Walter Hojemakers – Roadburn

Guitar Clinic with Ihsahn

In addition to Ihsahn`s performances at Inferno Festival in 2018,  he
will also be hosting a guitar clinic for those who wish a more detailed insight into the music of Emperor and Ihsahn.

Ihsahn (Vegard Sverre Tveitan) is a Norwegian composer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist. He is best known for his work with black metal band Emperor and his solo work.

Ihsahn is a multifaceted artist with years of experience. In style terms, his solo work and work with other artists have shown multiple musical forms from classical music, industrial metal to

Drum Clinic with Cato Bekkevold From Enslaved

Cato Bekkevold tells you about life behind the set, live on festivals as well as tours, but also in the studio. You will get some insider tips, tricks and experiences, some good stories, and playthroughs of songs both encouraged and the "unwanted".

Inferno Metal Auction 2018

Looking for legendary items from the glory days of extreme metal? Tore Bratseth is ready once again to host an exiting metal auction. . We´re taking the generic metal merchandise stand up a notch and into new heights.


This is a documentary about Afghanistan's first metal band, District Unknown, during the height of the war. After living in Afghanistan for seven years, Australian filmmaker Travis Beard began recording his friends to chronicle a part of Afghan life that is rarely shown in  Western media. The film features never before seen footage of Kabul and the underground party scene, at odds with an extremely  conservative society. To challenge conflict with culture, District  Unknown literally put themselves and their followers in the firing  line. They became targets because their music connected and communicated to and with Afghan youth, the expat community in  Afghanistan and internationally. We watch as the five unassuming young  men: Qais, Pedram, Qasem, Lemar and Yousef come of age and deal with  identity and freedom in a place where both can get you killed. The  film highlights a moment that speaks to the upheavals still rippling through the nation.