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Welcome to IMC 2015

Greetings everyone! April 1.-4. the Inferno Metal Festival takes place, and obviously, so does the Inferno Music Conference. 

There will be Q&As, debates, instrument clinics, speed meetings, social gatherings and loads of stuff going on!

Except for the welcoming party on Wednesday, and the excursion on Saturday, everything that is IMC related will be located at the festival hotel.

The program for IMC 2015 looks like this:





18:00 IMC Welcoming party for artists and delegates. Rockefeller Lounge





12:15 Opening Speech: Anders Odden

A historical view on extreme metal anno 2045 - Back to the future.

I have a nightmare! one day this will all be forgotten. The grand days of metal is gone and no one remember the sound of guitars, drums and deathgrynts. We will be nothing but a footnote in the history of popular culture. Historians will not know anything about thrash, death or black metal. is this a future scenario? Yes. I say give or take 30 years and its real.

By then all the bands are dead. I mean dead, buried in the ground. The new form of software that people use for music streaming were never updated with any of our stuff. They got Metallica and Black Sabbath and thats it. how did it happen?

Festival hotel / Room: Galleriet
13:00 TBA Festival hotel / Room: Galleriet
13:00 Music Norways Speed Meetings (by invitation only) Festival hotel / Oslosal B and C
15:00 Grimposium 2014 presentation: TRVE KVLT ARTS, FILMS, SOUNDS AND TEXTS IN EXTREME METAL

Dr. Vivek Venkatesh – Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

In this session, Vivek will present footage from web documentaries highlighting the first edition of Grimposium, which was held at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada in April of 2014. The event brought together a variety of participants including filmmakers, musicians, journalists and visual artists from the global extreme metal scene. For the next edition of Grimposium, Vivek is collaborating with writer, philosopher and visual artist Jason Wallin, as well as mobile media specialist, Owen Chapman – who is the creator of the audiomobile site – to enable global extreme metal scene members to record sounds and visuals which will be geotagged and used for an improvisational musical piece.

Festival hotel / Room Galleriet
16:00 Return to Helvete: The roots of Norwegian Black metal.

Book launch and seminar by Harald Fossberg

The roots of Norwegian Black Metal....

A new book is charting the origins and rise of Norwegian Black Metal.

Author Harald Fossberg gives you a brief story of the record store Helvete, and its position as the centre of the black metal underground during the seminal years 1991-1993.

Festival hotel / IMC Hangout bar





12:30 Guitar Clinic Arnt Obsidian Gronbech (Keep of Kallesin)

We’re happy to announce that Keep Of Kalessin guitarist, producer and front man Arnt Obsidian Gronbech will be holding a guitar clinic at the Inferno Music Conference on Friday April 3.

Arnt is known for his unique style and approach to writing extreme music and is one of the top guitarists in the extreme metal scene today.

His band, Keep Of Kalessin, is out with an amazing new album called Epistemology which have recieved top reviews all over the world and this album has influences from death, black, thrash, power metal, heavy metal and traditional rock so if you’re into any of these styles you should attend this clinic session with Arnt as he will show you riffs, licks and tricks as well as share his thoughts on playing, songwriting and production.”

Festival hotel / Room: Galleriet
14:00 Is streaming the digital future for music?

Music researcher Daniel Nordgård

Can metal survive on an economy that seems to be designed to finance Aviccii’s next super-yacht?!

Festival hotel / Room: Oslosal C
15:00 Iceland - Finland - Sweden - Norway. An ABC on what`s up in the Nordic countries!

IMC will present one delegate from Finland, Sweden, Iceland and Norway with inside information on what, where and how!

This one hour session is perfect for those of you who want to get tips on how to book a club tour with your band. What festivals to visit, and who to talk to if you want your new record distributed.


Sweden: Olof Wikstöm
Iceland: Gisli Sigmundsson
Norway: Sindre Solem
Finland: TBA

Festival hotel / Room: Oslosal B
16:00 Book launch and live intervew with Nergal (Behemoth)

Gunnar Sauerman (Metal Hammer) interviews Nergal (Adam Michal Darski) live on stage. There will also be a chance to buy the book, and have it signed!

Adam is a guy with many qualities. In addition to being a writer, he is also a TV personality in Poland, but foremost the frontman of legendary Behemoth!

 Festival hotel / IMC Hangout bar





12:00 Guided tour to the best record store in the world: Neseblod Meet in hotel lobby 12:00
15:00 Private get-together for IMC delegates. Festival hotel / Suite number 950