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Welcome to IMC 2016

Welcome to IMC 2016! 4 days of Q&A`s, Panel debates, Workshops, Instrument Clinics and social gatherings! 


Wednesday Music Norway, Gammaglimt and Inferno Music Conference want to invite all IMC delegates to the annual Welcoming party, and this year, we have the pleasure of serving you an exclusive closed screening of the feature documentary film BLACKHEARTS. This will take place in Rockefeller Main room from 5 PM, Wed 23. We will as usual serve finger food and free drinks.

On Saturday, we will once again invite IMC delegates to an exclusive suite warm-up party, with free drinks, and good people all over the place. party will go on from 3 PM-5.30 PM.

This years Welcoming speaker is the managing director of VISIT OSLO. We are very excited that the captain at the official tourist organization in Oslo takes time in the middle of Easter to do the official opening of IMC 2016!

Both Thursday and Friday we will yet again invite to IMC Open (No IMC accreditation required). On Thursday we will have the announced Auction at 3.30 PM, and on Friday we will invite you to a Q&A from 4 PM (TBA).
In addition to DJs every day from noon, we will get a visit from students at Barratt Due, that will entertain us with classical music from apx 5PM in the hotel bar. Make sure to catch the next generation of the finest instrumentalist in Norway!

Unfortunately HELLHAMMER had to cancel the announced clinic this year, but we have managed to book another giant from the Norwegian metal scene: We are very proud to present FROST from Satyricon back on the IMC bill! I am pretty sure i am not the only one looking forward to this, after his last clinic a few years back. Drum Clinic will take place on Thursday 24. Right after the Welcoming Speaker.

Yuuup! For the first time in history IMC 2016 will host an unique and exciting metal auction. That´s right. We´re taking the generic metal merchandise stand up a notch and into new heights. Who will bring the most cash? What exclusive items will be auctioned? The notorious Burzum zippo lighter, Hellhammer’s hi-hats, rare records, a romantic date with a former church burner? Or maybe a hotel suite for Inferno 2017? Time will tell, blood will flow and money will talk.
More information to be announced soon.

Tired of endless smartphone photos out of focus (in every sense), purpose and meaning? Do you have an urge to explore the classic art of concert photography, step into- and learn the craftsmanship in its true form of art?
Metal Hammer’s in-house photographer, Kenneth Sporsheim, life long experience will give you insight, tips and tricks into the trade; what you need to do and not – learn about technical aspects and the creative process behind a successful concert photography.

Full Schedule

Day Time What Where
Wed. 23 17:00 IMC Welcoming party: Rockefeller
    Blackhearts screening  
    Classical entertainment  
    Finger food…. And finger…. Drinks…  
Thurs. 24 12:00 Opening Speaker 2016 Galleriet
    CEO Visit Oslo  
  12:30 Music Norway Speed Meetings Bak Frokostsal
    (Invites only)  
  12:30 "Hate Might Be Free But Speech Can Carry Costs:  Galleriet
    When Can Metal Be Muzzled?"  
  14:15 Photo Work Shop. Oslosal B/C
    Metal Hammer’s in-house photographer, Kenneth Sporsheim  
  15:30 Inferno Metal Auction Hotelbar
  17:00 Baratt Due Hotelbar
Fri. 25 12:00 Frost Drum Work Shop Galleriet
  14:00 The Art of Festival Production Oslosal B/C
  15:30 IMC OPEN Hotelbar
    Indie Recordings Listening Session  
    The Wretched End // Faenskap // Sahg  
  17:00 Baratt Due Hotelbar
Sat. 26 15:00 Vorspiel Suite FUNKY SUITE
    DJ: Tore Bratseth