Location:Oslo, Norway
Venue:Rockefeller, John Dee
Date:March 29th - April 1st 2018
Age Limit:18 years
Capacity:1500 a day
Doors Open:17:00
Official Hotel:Scandic St. Olavs Plass
2018 Tickets
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4 Day PassMar 29. - Apr 1.2000buybuy

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Tickets have to be exchanged into wristbands before accessing concert venues. Locations where you can do this will be announced closer to the festival date.
Emperor Headlines at Inferno 2018
By lfh on Saturday, July 8, 2017, 7:48 AM

20 years ago: “O'Nightspirit! I am at one with thee. I am the eternal power. I am the Emperor!”. These are the words from the opening track “Alsvartr (The Oath)” from “Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk” – and they can make your skin crawl. So it will when the mighty EMPEROR return to Inferno Metal Festival to perform “Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk” in its entirety! 

Emperor is one of the pioneers of Norwegian black metal and need no further introduction for the Inferno audience. Back in 1997 the band released their second album, “Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk”. 20 years ago! Today the album is regarded as one of the best albums ever released from Norway – no matter genre. Even the metal god himself, Rob Halford, has this album as one of his all-time favorite albums. We give you one of the very few chances to experience this masterpiece on a intimate indoors stage at Rockefeller during Inferno Metal Festival 2018. This will be one of those rare events that people will talk about for ages to come. Not to be missed!

Running Low on Early Bird Packages
By lfh on Thursday, July 6, 2017, 12:29 PM

We're currently running low on early bird packages. Make sure you secure yours in time. The festival pass price will increase from NOK 1800,- to 2000,- when the early bird packages are sold out and will not include the merchandise voucher of NOK 200,-  

UPDATE: We're now out of early bird packages at Ticketmaster but we still have some left for sale through PayPal. Use the ticket links on the right han side to order.

Origin, Mephorash and Erimha at Inferno 2018
By lfh on Wednesday, June 28, 2017, 11:52 AM

Technical brutal death metal band ORIGIN, Swedish occult black metallers MEPHORASH and Canadian blackened death metal trio ERIMHA are all ready to perform at the mighty Inferno Metal Festival 2018. 

OriginAmerican death metal band Origin celebrates 20 years of existence this year. So it is about time to bring this brutal band to Inferno Metal Festival! The band has been a favorite for all fans of technical death metal for years, and the band will even gain more followers when their brand new album hits the streets this Friday. Because there are no compromises when Origin release their new magnum opus. Check it out and be sure to see them live when they play Inferno Festival for the very first time.

MephorashSweden's occult black metal band Mephorash deliver a pure and raw take on the old black metal sound with a mighty touch of esoteric and religious elements to create something new and unholy. The band breaks the barriers with their unique sound and their live rituals are something that must be experienced. Mephorash has never performed in Norway before, so check out this amazing band when they enter the stage at Inferno Metal Festival.



ErimhaErimha, meaning "Army" or "Legion" in Sumerian culture, base powerful, dark and epic elements with operatic sound on ancient knowledge and spirituality. Their mantra is one of inner strength and how the individual mind body and spirit can be as powerful as an entire army. Overflowing with dramatic power, dark atmosphere and grim grandeur, the Canadians exhibit their supreme amalgamation of epic black metal and punishing death metal throughout the bands discography. This will be Erimha's first appearance at Inferno Metal Festival.

Necrophobic, Batushka and Uada Ready for Inferno 2018
By lfh on Sunday, June 18, 2017, 11:29 AM

Swedish blackened death metallers NECROPHOBIC, Polish orthodox black metal band BATUSHKA and the American melodic black metal newcomers UADA are confirmed to Inferno Metal Festival 2018. 

Necrophobic LogoNecrophobic hails from Stockholm in Sweden and has since 1989 released a huge number of demo tapes, EPs and full-length albums with furious and brutal blackened death metal. As a difference to many of the other death metal bands from Stockholm, Necrophobic has a more dark and evil sound to their music. Necrophobic has always stayed true to their style of unholy death metal and will do as long as the band will exist. This will be the Necrophobic's first appearance at Inferno Metal Festival so this will be a happening you can't miss.


Batushka LogoBatushka is a black metal band from Poland. The band has an unique sound as they are blending together traditional black metal with eastern orthodox chants and melodies. Their lyrics are even in Russian and their name meaning "father" and is used to address an Eastern Orthodox priest. The band members are unknown and when the band play live they will be on stage with a stronghold of eight people. The band has only released one album but are one of the most demanded bands from the audience at Inferno during the last year.  The band has not been in Norway before so don't miss the chance to experience this unique band at Inferno Metal Festival 2018. 

Uada LogoUADA might be a new band – but their music is old school. Their style is traditional black metal as we know it from the early 90s combined with spectral melodies. Their debut album, “Devoid of Light”, was released last year to great acclaimed. Imagine a mixture of bands like Mgła, Dissection and Taake and you may understand what UADA is all about. The band has never played Norway before so check them out when the Portland-based black metallers enters the stage at Inferno Metal Festival 2018!

Official Festival Hotel 2018
By lfh on Tuesday, June 6, 2017, 3:18 AM

Our official festival hotel for 2018 is the same as in 2017 - Scandic St Olavs Plass.

LobbyScandic St. Olavs Plass is located in the city centre with approximately 10 minutes walk from the main festival venue Rockefeller and 15 minutes to Vulkan Arena. The airport express train, Flytoget, from Oslo Airport Gardermoen stops at Nationaltheatret station and is within walking distance to the hotel. Main street Karl Johan and The National Gallery (Nasjonalgalleriet) is just down the street, for shopping and exploring. The alternative culture house (and previous illegal squat) Blitz is just around the corner – with affordable vegan food and drinks. Basically all main sites are at your feet from this location!

Early bird festival price available until 1. February 2018:
Single room: NOK 725,- per night including breakfast 
Double room: NOK 999,- (NOK 499,- each person) per night including breakfast

Web: https://www.scandichotels.no/hotell/norge/oslo/scandic-stolavsplass/
Use booking code: BINF250318
For any booking related questions please call  + 47 23 15 50 00 or contact the hotel (see info below.)
Important: We expect all rooms to be sold out. So avoid disappointment and book now.

For further details go to our hotel page here.

Fleshgod Apocalypse, Nordjevel and Earth Electric Joins Our 2018 Lineup
By lfh on Monday, May 29, 2017, 11:18 AM

We are proud to announce more great metal to the line-up for Inferno Metal Festival 2018. Get ready for Fleshgod Apocalypse, Nordjevel and Earth Electric! Already announced artists are Carpathian Forest, Dark Funeral, Napalm Death, Memoriam and Vanhelgd.

Fleshgod ApocalypseThe Italian masters of symphonic death metal Fleshgod Apocalypse will return to Inferno Metal Festival to bring more madness upon the festival. The band released their fourth studio album last year called “King” that has received great reviews from the metal press all over the world. The album even went on the US billboard charts. Fleshgod Apocalypse's music is grand and epic mixed with technical and brutal death metal. Making the band unique with a sound that is hard to compare to other bands. Fleshgod Apocalypse just have to be experienced – and the best way to do that is when they return to Inferno Metal Festival 2018.

NordjevelNordjevel made a huge impact in 2016 when they released their debut album “Nordjevel” and played their very first gig at Inferno Metal Festival. Since then the band has not been resting and they released earlier this year their EP “Krigsmakt” and has just been playing Maryland Deathfest in the states. The members of Nordjevel are well known in the metal underground, hailing from such bands as Marduk, Tvangeste, Ragnarok, Vidsyn and Witchery, just to name a few. The band will return to Inferno Metal Festival in 2018.

Earth ElectricEarth Electric is the new band from Rune “Blasphemer” Eriksen. Blasphemer is no stranger for fans of extreme metal, as he his known from such bands as Mayhem, Aura Noir, Avi Inferi and Twillight of the Gods. Together with vocalist Carmen Simões, also in Ava Inferi, the duo started the band in 2014. Creating music that was heavily influence by the sound of 70s hard rock, and adding their own flavor to the sound, makes Earth Electric something unique in todays metal and hard rock scene. Their debut album ”Vol.1: Solar” was just released upon the world and has been praised with great feedback from the press and fans.

First Bands Ready for 2018: Carpathian Forest, Dark Funeral, Napalm Death, Memoriam and Vanhelgd
By lfh on Monday, May 8, 2017, 11:00 AM

Inferno Metal Festival 2017 was a good year with great feedback from the audience, media and artists. We are now very exited to announce the first bands for Inferno Metal Festival 2018. We present to you Carpathian Forest, Dark Funeral, Napalm Death, Memoriam and Vanhelgd!  

Carpathian ForestThe Norwegian black metal band Carpathian Forest are back! It's been more than ten years since we last heard from this mighty black metal band. Now they are back to release more evil upon the world. Of course their Norwegian return will all happen at Inferno Metal Festival 2018! “Black Shining Leather”, “Strange Old Brew” and “Defending the Throne of Evil” are all classics that will be amazing to hear live at Inferno Metal Festival 2018! https://www.facebook.com/carpathianforest/






Dark FuneralThe Swedish black metal outfit Dark Funeral started up in 1993. With several classic albums under the belt, like “The Secrets of the Black Arts”, “Vobiscum Satanas” and “Diabolis Interium”, the band is regarded as one of Sweden's best black metal bands. Their latest album was released last year and is called “Where Shadows Forever Reign”. A great record that makes Dark Funeral worthy of a return to Inferno Metal Festival! https://www.facebook.com/darkfuneral/



Napalm DeathNapalm Death are the Godfathers of grindcore. Listening to their classic “Scum” back in 1987 people was blown away. Never has anybody heard that kind of brutal music before. Even today, 30 years after the release of their debut album, Napalm Death is still one of the most brutal bands there is out there. The legends have been at Inferno Metal Festival once before and it is about time they return to the festival. https://www.facebook.com/officialnapalmdeath/



MemoriamForged from the ashes of Bolt Thrower, and in tribute to their late drummer Martin Kears, Memoriam is a brand new death metal band that has risen to do it the old school way. The band consists of Bolt Thrower ex-members Karl Willetts on vocal and Andrew Whale on drums. Together they have joined forces with ex-Cerebral Fix guitar player Scott Fairfax and bassist Frank Healy from Benediction and Sacrilege. Memoriam released their debut album “For the Fallen” on Nuclear Blast last year to great critical acclaim and is regarded as one of the best death metal albums of the last couple of years.

VanhelgdThe Swedish death metallers Vanhelgd will bring the Swedish death metal sound to Inferno Metal Festival 2018. That sound made by
Boss HM-2 pedal and the stench of rotting corpses. The band has by now released four albums of death metal monstrosity and consist of members and ex-members from such bands as King of Asgard, Ocean Chief, Ceremonial Execution and Thy Primordial. If you like your death metal rotten to the core – Vanhelgd is a band you can't miss.

2018 Early Bird Tickets
By lfh on Friday, April 21, 2017, 3:08 PM

We're happy to offer you early bird tickets for 2018. These tickets will include a voucher for 200 NOK that can be used towards any Inferno merchandise at the festival as well as access all 4 days. The value equals 1 festival t-shirt.

These tickets are available in a limited quantity/time period. 

Click on the buy link in the ticket box on the right hand side of our page to order.

Thank You
By lfh on Sunday, April 16, 2017, 11:26 AM

Inferno Metal Festival 2017 is now over and we hope all the people attending the festival had a great time.

We would like to thank our volunteers and crew, Rockefeller crew, partners, sponsors, press, photographers, exhibitors, stands, all the artists as well as everybody else that made this festival so special. Last but not least; we would like to thank all the metal fans that took part of Inferno Metal Festival 2017. Without you this would not be possible.

In regards to the unfortunate premature end to the Abbath concert - expect statements to appear in the coming days.

We hope to see you all again in 2018.

Inferno 2018 Limited Tickets & Changes
By lfh on Friday, April 14, 2017, 5:35 AM

2018 Changes

In 2018 Inferno will be held Thursday through Sunday (March 29th to April 1st) and there will be 4 days at Rockefeller & John Dee.

We're also expanding to 5 bands at the Rockefeller main stage each night (in essence 1 band is being injected between band 2 and 3 in the current setup).


There will only be 4 day passes and single day tickets sold for 2018. No 3 day passes. The 4 day passes will be sold in 4 phases at different prices:

Sales PeriodTypePrice
During the 2017 festival Limited Edition 1500 NOK
April to August Early Bird 1800 NOK
August to New Years Regular Phase 1 2000 NOK
January until the festival Regular Phase 2 2250 NOK

Note that each group has a limit to the amount of passes. The max amounts in the 3 first phases cover the amount of 4 day passes available for 2017. Also the limited and early bird phases have more passes available than in 2017. If one phase sells out we'll make the next phase available immediately.

2018 Limited Edition Tickets Availability

The limited passes are sold at our official merchandise stand in the lounge at Rockefeller tonight and tomorrow.